There are many different ways to make any single product, and having a variety of concepts to choose from ensures that your design suits you and your future customers. Our design and engineering team will generate and document new and innovative concepts for your product. Using their wide range of backgrounds and disciplines, our team can solve virtually any design and performance challenge.

3D CAD Design & Modeling

Using computer modeling software, we can turn your idea into an interactive 3-dimensional digital part. This 3D model evolves as it continues developing, and it allows us to generate the data we need for prototyping and manufacturing your product. Our industrial designers and engineers work together on your CAD model to make your visual and functional elements work together seamlessly.

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Prototyping is the phase of product development where your concepts and 3D CAD designs become physical products, and they are used for a wide range of different purposes like demonstrations and presentations. The prototyping process is helpful because it allows you to test product features, manufacturing methods, and user experiences before full-scale production. The feedback and information you can gather from prototype testing is crucial in implementing and launching a successful product. We have all the tools you need to take your product from idea to reality. Contact us to learn how we can build your product!

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At QiMata Technologies we develop products from start to finish and deliver packaged, fully manufactured products to your door. Our engineers expertly prepare your designs for manufacturing and work directly with our in-house production team to ensure that you receive the highest quality units possible. Our service is flexible and can find a manufacturing solution for your product regardless of quantity.

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