QiMata Technologies’ staff has Azure MVPs and Azure experts on staff to solve your cloud problems and build your cloud apps.

Migration to Cloud

Organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises, are making the move and enjoying the benefits cloud has to offer. Whether you’re looking to move to the cloud from on-premise infrastructure, or from one cloud environment to another, QiMata Technologies will meet you where you are in your cloud journey and guide you in implementing the right solution.

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Migration from Cloud

Enterprises are realizing that public cloud can more often than not turn out to be more expensive than similar on-premises solutions. To start, the advertised price of the public cloud often demonstrates the initial cost of use, but, as organizations become tied into paying recurring monthly fees, and gather larger amounts of data and deploy more extensions, the cost continually increases.

We see a return to on-premises solutions as companies realize that adopting public cloud may not actually be cheaper or easier to use, particularly with the issue of data and IP security.

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Hybrid Cloud – Edge

The move to the cloud is not always a rip and replace solution. There are times when it makes sense to maintain on-premise equipment and software while integrating with cloud services to provide additional resources. Technologies like Azure Stack, Azure Data Box Edge, and Azure IoT Edge create a complete hybrid cloud solution. QiMata Technologies consultants can help you find the proper Cloud and Edge configuration for your business.

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Cloud Native Development

Cloud-native applications are designed to capitalize on the scalability and flexibility of the cloud. In contrast to traditional monolithic applications, cloud-native applications are built using multiple, independent services provided by Azure. Products like Azure Functions, can greatly reduce costs and complexity of enterprise solutions. Reach out to QiMata Technologies consultants to utilize Azure and save millions.

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