Mobile app development opportunities have never been greater. Not only are employees relying on mobile devices for work, but customers and business partners are demanding the ability to interact with your products using mobile apps, websites, and cloud.

Device Integration

Taking your product to market means creating interaction points for your customer. Mobile provides a unique connection opportunity for your customers to directly or indirectly integrate with your product. Using NFC, Bluetooth, Cloud, Camera, and Microphone allows you a unique opportunity to interface your application with your product for your customer.

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Mobile App Management

QiMata Technologies knows that delivery, security, updates, reporting and other services are key. Since most companies are not in the phone business, utilize the expertise of QiMata Technologies mobile engineers to setup an integration pipeline for your business and your application.

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Enterprise App Store

Hosting and distributing mobile applications in public stores like Apple iTunes or Google Play is not the only option. QiMata Technologies can set up a private, company-branded app store for any organization. Or, QiMata Technologies can maintain mobile enterprise applications in your own secure app store.

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